Flamenco Barcelona - Flamenco Show in Barcelona - We offer online ticket reservation services for flamenco shows in Flamenco Barcelona through our partner web site flamencotickets.com. Reserve Tickets to Flamenco Barcelona City Hall.

  • Flamenco Barcelona

    The show Flamenco Barcelona is held in the old Teatro Barcelona also known as City Hall, a renovated nineteenth century theatre located close to the Pla├ža Catalunya. The performance lasts approximately one hour and features eight different performers. Ticket options for the show include four different sections including a VIP zone.

    Prices from: 18 Euros

    Duration: 55 minutes
    Size: 190 people
    Shows per night: 3 (18:00 / 19:30 / 21:30)

    You can find more information and book tickets online on flamencotickets.com


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